Featured Moms

June 2020: Rachael Lavelle is our featured Mom for June!
Read about Color Street by Rachael Lavelle of Florence, South Carolina.

July 2020: Tami Bachman is our featured Mom for July! Read about Tami Bachman and her family's upcoming mission to the Dominican Republic.

November 2020: Kimberly Patrick Photography is our featured Mom for November as she is having Santa Mini Sessions for two days in November 2020. Kimberly sends half of the proceeds from her photography to the Darlington Boys Home for Christmas. Read more details on Kimberly Patrick Photography and the special Santa Mini Sessions in Lamar.

All featured moms will be featured on FlorenceMom.com's website under the blog section. This is just the mission's page.


A Mama's Love

Since the pandemic begun, the world has shifted. We're changing and adapting quickly in hopes of making it a better place for the next generation. We're guarded; in more ways than one. We need the strength of a mama right now to keep our children safe and help them feel okay. Mamas are stepping it up, even more than before.

With that in mind, I want to spread a mama's love and support her by spreading word about a mama's business or mission, one blog entry at a time on FlorenceMom.com.
If you would like to have your business featured on the monthly blog post on FlorenceMom.com, please comment on the Facebook post, submit a form or email at: media@florencemom.com
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